Benefits of Beef Gelatin Powder

Gelatin is the cooked form of Collagen and consists of essential amino acids, which help in promoting healthier hair, nails, skin, muscles, bones, joints, organs and arteries. Zen Principle’s Beef Gelatin Collagen Powder is a great source of type I and III collagens that help support our body’s needed collagen production for better overall health. Let's take a quick look at some of the ways that Gelatin can help when added to a healthy lifestyle.

Health Benefits of Adding Beef Gelatin to Your Diet

Strong Bones

Gelatin contains lysine which helps the body absorb calcium easily to keep the bones strong and prevent bone loss. 

Strong Nails and Hair

Brittle nails and hair can be made stronger as gelatin contains glycine and proline that help strengthen them.

Strong Muscles

As a protein food, gelatin can complement other protein food sources like dairy, grains, animal meat, soy foods, and vegetables to promote muscle growth.

Firmer Skin

Collagen helps keep the skin looking glowing and youthful and since gelatin is an excellent collagen source, it can attribute to having firmer skin that is well away from premature aging.

Healthy Arteries

Collagen fibers make up the outer layers of our arteries. By taking gelatin collagen supplements, we support the health of our arteries since they are responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients toward different tissues and organs.

Better Digestion

For the stomach alone, glycine in gelatin helps promote the production of gastric juices which are needed for proper digestion.

Relieve Inflammation

Collagen in gelatin has also been linked in helping with joint pain and relieving inflammation for people with osteoarthritis. 

Regulate Apettite

Rich in protein, consuming gelatin can keep you feeling full longer after a meal. 

Have Better Sleep

Glycine in gelatin can provide better sleep as it promotes serotonin levels that help you transition faster into deep sleep.

Enjoy Gelatin in Different Ways

In order to reap some of the above-mentioned benefits of gelatin, you can try taking it in different forms:

  • Gummies - Fruity snacks that you can infuse with vitamins
  • Soups - Gelatin serves as a natural thickening agent
  • Custards - To give it more body and shape
  • Jello
  • Marshmallows

For more detailed recipes, keep a lookout for our next article which will discuss these in more detail.

Beauty Treatments with Beef Gelatin

Because of its collagen content, you may also use Gelatin topically in different ways. 

  • Shampoo - Add half a teaspoon to your favorite shampoo to thicken hair, as well as add volume and strength
  • Gelatin Face Mask


Take a moment to apply some of these uses of Gelatin to your daily routines, and your body will thank you in the long run.


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