Proteins are found everywhere in our bodies. They make up our skin, hair, nails, muscles, bones, and many organs. A steady dose of proteins is needed for our body to keep functioning properly. Usually, we can get all the protein we need from eating protein-rich food like all kinds of meat, some beans and legumes, seeds, and more.  

However, under some circumstances the protein you get from food alone might not be enough. For example, if you follow a vegan lifestyle you might need an extra boost of protein. This is where protein powders can really help you out. Zen Principle protein powders are sourced from both animal and non-animal protein sources so you can find the best powder for your needs easily. All our powders are USDA-Certified, custom-milled, free of any harmful ingredients, and responsibly sourced and packaged.

Is protein powder really good for you?

Yes! Protein powders can help you meet your daily requirement of protein even if you’re on a diet or maintaining a clean eating lifestyle. Protein powders that feature hydrolyzed protein or collagen can help reduce the signs of aging, improve the volume and texture of your hair, improve joint and bone health, and increase the muscle mass of your body.  

How much protein do I need in a day?

According to DRI, you need to consume 0.8 grams of protein per kg of your body weight. That means that for an average woman, 46 grams of protein per day is the required amount. However, your requirement might change based on your age, weight, lifestyle, and need.

What is the best time to take protein?

The best time to take protein depends on your health and fitness goals. For example, if you’re taking protein powders to lose weight then the best time to have a protein shake would be as a snack in between meals. If you want to gain muscle mass then you will need to take protein a couple of hours after your workout

For older people who need to maintain their muscle strength, taking smaller doses of protein throughout the day is recommended. It is also beneficial to take a protein shake before bed so that the protein digested can heal and repair muscles throughout the night. 

Do protein powders help in losing weight?

Protein powders can help you lose more weight if you combine them with a healthy diet and lifestyle. They can be used effectively in a high-protein low-carb diet that will help you shed some pounds. Protein shakes taken after exercise can help you lose calories without giving up on nutrition and energy. Supplementing protein the right way can help you reach your weight loss goals. 

Can I add protein powders to cooked meals?

Yes, our protein powders can be easily added to hot and cold liquids, and meals of all kinds. For example, you can use our pea protein powder in soups and salad dressings, sprinkle our marine collagen peptides powder on your favorite salads and dips, and use our brown rice protein powder in all kinds of curries. 

Not a fan of flavor? All our protein powders come with a mild to non-existent flavor that can be easily overcome by using some common ingredients in your pantry. All our protein powders (except beef gelatin powder) do not change the consistency of your beverages or dishes.