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Embark on a journey to enhanced health with our Grass-Fed Beef Bone and Marrow Supplement. Our premium capsules, rich in natural nutrients, are sourced from the fertile grasslands of New Zealand, designed for the health-conscious individual seeking a holistic approach to wellness.

At the heart of our product lies the commitment to quality and purity. The bone marrow used in our capsules comes from cattle that are not just grass-fed, but also grass-finished. This practice ensures that the cattle graze on green pastures throughout their lives, resulting in a nutrient-dense supplement that honors the diets of our ancestors.

Bone marrow is food naturally rich in a spectrum of B vitamins and Selenium. It’s also a unique source of Adiponectin, a healthy hormone, well-known for regulating glucose levels, fat breakdown, and regulating insulin sensitivity through its anti-fibrotic, and antioxidant effects. Employing a gentle freeze-drying process, we preserve the integrity of essential nutrients found in bone marrow. This method ensures that each capsule delivers the full spectrum of health benefits, including support for skin, oral health, and joint well-being.

Zen Principle's Bone and Marrow Supplement is free from fillers, flow agents, additives, and artificial ingredients. We understand the importance of maintaining the purity of our product, making it a trustworthy choice for consumers who value transparency and integrity in their bone strength supplements.

This supplement is a convenient solution to receive the nourishing benefits of an ancestral diet. Our capsules are ideal for those who lead busy lives but do not want to compromise on their health. They are a perfect addition to any wellness routine, offering a balance of convenience and efficacy.


GRASS-FED AND GRASS-FINISHED: Our supplement is sourced from cattle that graze on the lush, green pastures of New Zealand. These cattle are both grass-fed and grass-finished, ensuring a nutrient-rich bone marrow that aligns with the principles of ancestral diets, offering natural support for bone strength and overall wellness.


TRADITIONAL BEEF ORGAN SUPPLEMENT: This supplement draws inspiration from time-tested ancient methods, expertly blending bone matrix, marrow, and cartilage in balanced proportions that reflect nature's synergy, aiming to promote comprehensive health and wellness.


FREEZE-DRIED FOR PURITY: Utilizing a gentle freeze-drying process, we maintain the freshness and integrity of bone marrow's vitamins, minerals, and co-factors. This method preserves vital elements essential for health, ensuring each capsule delivers a full spectrum of benefits from this bone marrow supplement.


OPTIMAL STEM CELL BONE MARROW SUPPLEMENTS: These capsules are formulated with concentrated base and stem cells, offering substantial support for cellular health and immune system strength.


COMPREHENSIVE WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENT: Derived from grass-fed beef organs, these supplements are rich in collagen, growth factors, fat-soluble agents, and unique nutrients found only in whole bone extracts, aiming to nourish bones, teeth, and connective tissues.


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