Where To Buy Beetroot Powder That’s Wholly Nutritious?

It’s a well-known fact that beets are some of the best superfoods (read: nutrient-rich foods that enhance your overall health and wellness). Safe to say you want to get in on the action, too. But not everyone is a fan of toting heavy beets from the grocery store to their doorstep. Nor do you feel like working up a sweat peeling and chopping those root veggies for your meals.

If you'd like to skip the mundane food preparation process, then Beetroot Powder may interest you. As long as you choose high-quality Beetroot Powder made from dried, ground beets sans the artificial ingredients, rest assured that you’ll still reap the same nutritional benefits from its powdered form as you would from the veggies themselves. Bonus: you don’t have to deal with purple-stained fingers (no thanks to the beet juice) when you go the beetroot powder way!

Health Benefits of the Mighty Beet

So, does beetroot powder really work? Yes, it does work to optimize various body functions, as evident from our in-depth guide on “Beetroot Powder Benefits”:

But beetroots aren’t just beneficial for humans; they are a nutritional boost to your dog’s diet, too. Want to learn more about how beetroot powder is suitable for canine consumption? Check out our other post on “Can Dogs Eat Beets?

Beetroot Powder FAQ

Is Beetroot Powder as Good as Beets?

The no. 1 concern many people have about Beetroot Powder is whether it’s just as good as beets. As we’ve mentioned earlier, beetroot powder doesn’t lose out to beets in terms of their nutritional profile and health benefits.

Just make sure the beetroot powder you’ve purchased is manufactured the following way:

  • Fresh, organic beets are dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve all of their key nutrients.
  • The dried beets are then finely ground to form pure beetroot powder without adding any artificial ingredients, like anti-caking agents (to prevent the powder from clumping) and sweeteners.

As you can see, the sourcing and production processes are integral to the quality of beetroot powder. It’s highly recommended to do your research to ensure the brand you bought your beetroot powder from emphasizes safe and meticulous manufacturing practices.

Is Beet Powder as Effective as Beet Juice?

Beetroot Powder vs. Beet Juice

There’s lots of discussion around the pros and cons of beetroot powder vs. beet juice. The general consensus is that while beet juice may be more concentrated than beetroot powder, the former is much higher in sugar content while possessing little to no fiber. This makes beetroot juice an unhealthy alternative to whole beets, much less effective as a nutritional aid.

For that reason, serious health enthusiasts who want to reap the full health benefits of beets usually choose beetroot powder over beet juice. If you'd like to learn more about beetroot powder vs. beet juice powder, read our comparison guide.

How Much Beetroot Powder Should You Take a Day?

The recommended serving size is around 3-6 grams of beetroot powder per day. If you’re using Zen Principle’s Organic Beetroot Powder, this translates to 1-2 teaspoons per glass of water (or whichever liquid you prefer).

For more information, read our guide on “How Much Beetroot Powder per Day Should You Take?

What Are the Side Effects of Beet Powder?

Beetroot powder is generally safe for human consumption, so long as you stay within the recommended dosage guidelines (or as advised by a licensed medical practitioner).

Hop over to our recent post on beet poisoning symptoms to understand how you can avoid unwanted side effects of beetroot powder.

How To Use Beetroot Powder

Beetroot powder is conveniently easy to use. In its powdered form, it goes well with most dishes, from baked goods like red velvet cake and energy bars to drinks like smoothies and lattes.

If you need some inspiration in this department, check out our beetroot powder recipes.

Zen Principle’s Organic Beetroot Powder Is Just What You Need

Zen Principle Beetroot Powder

So, which beetroot powder ticks all of the boxes we’ve mentioned earlier? The answer: Zen Principle’s Organic Beetroot Powder.

Our beetroot powder is certified USDA organic as we source only from small organic farms. This helps us avoid “big farm” practices that are not only destructive to the land but also often detrimental to the people living in the area.

Where we get our beets primarily depends on the season and the quality of the harvest — we only work with the freshest, highest quality ingredients for all of our products. For that reason, our organic beetroot powder comes from the US, Canada, and India.

We also package our beetroot powder in a GMP-compliant (Good Manufacturing Practices) and organic-certified facility in the U.S. This provides an extra layer of quality and safety that we believe is very important.

What else you need to know about Zen Principle’s Organic Beetroot Powder:

  • It’s non-GMO (free of genetically modified organisms)
  • It’s gluten-free (perfect for people with gluten sensitivity or intolerance)
  • It’s free of additives (each pouch comprises purely of the beets’ natural goodness)

Are you ready to try our Organic Beetroot Powder?



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