Collagen for Hair Growth

Collagen is one of those supplements that has received an incredible amount of buzz in recent years with manufacturers and customers praising it for boosting their physical health.

Over the years, numerous Zen Principle customers have raved about how collagen has not only improved the health and youthfulness of their skin and nails but also increased hair growth, strength and overall thickness.

Although some of the research to back these claims up is still in its infancy, much of the proof can be seen with the naked eye and experienced through daily hair care. Hear what our customers have to say about it:

Amazing! My hair is growing back. You have to take it for a couple of months if you have severe hair loss and you want to see results. Be patient.

As we take a peek at what science says about collagen benefits for the hair, we will also be checking out what some of our other customers have had to say about their experiences with collagen supplements over the years.

Is Collagen Good for Hair?

Collagen is a type of protein found naturally throughout the human body and throughout the bodies of many types of animals. It is located primarily in the bones, muscles, skin and other connective tissues and makes up approximately 33% of all of the protein stores found in the human body.

There are many different types of collagen in the body, and each type is made of a unique blend of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein. Collagen peptides are made of collagen that has been broken down to make it easier for the body to digest and assimilate into its own tissues. Supplements are typically made from beef or marine sources of collagen.

Additionally, collagen supplements can vary in quality and effectiveness, so it's important to do your own research when selecting the best brand that will help you meet your needs.

Does Collagen Help Hair Growth?

Many benefits of collagen and collagen peptides have been reported over the years in relation to hair growth as well as the strength and health of the hair follicles overall. However, not all of them are supported by large, independent research studies, making some of them a bit difficult to back up definitively at this point. On the other hand, those companies that choose to call all purported collagen benefits for the hair hoaxes are also clearly out of line because a small yet growing body of evidence does exist.

For example, one 2015 study from the Journal of Investigative Dermatology showed that collagen could be able to help the hair follicles regenerate. This could improve hair regrowth in those with thinning hair. In addition, there are other ways that collagen could reduce the hair thinning naturally associated with increasing age. For example, a small study of women found that collagen supplementation improved skin elasticity while a study of over 1,000 individuals found that collagen supplementation improved protein stores in the skin and reduced common skin aging signs. Because the hair follicles are an integral part of the skin, this research may suggest that follicular health could also be improved in a similar way.

Other evidence points to the fact that collagen could decrease the rate at which hair turns gray. While genetics certainly play a part in the changing color of the hair over the years, hair follicle damage from free radicals may speed up this process. In laboratory research performed in test tubes, collagen has been proven to fight against free radicals and may be able to keep the color of your hair as gorgeous now as it was in your youth.

One of the most interesting hair-boosting possibilities of collagen is its potential to build stronger and healthier hair follicles. Hair is made of keratin, which is composed of a variety of amino acids of which proline is the most notable. Collagen may be able to boost keratin health and production thanks to its high levels of proline along with two other nonessential amino acids. However, additional studies are still needed to back up these possibilities.

What Our Customers Say About the Effects of Supplementing Collagen

Collagen for Hair Growth

There is certainly sufficient evidence available today that proves that collagen can benefit your hair to at least some extent. Of course, large amounts of research are still lacking in this area, but all that has been completed to date has demonstrated collagen’s great efficacy in boosting keratin formation and benefiting the hair follicle itself.

Even more importantly, real-world examples of amazing results abound. Our clients have had great success with using collagen supplements to support their hair health as evidenced by this small sampling of testimonials.

I have been taking two scoops in my coffee for 60 days now. At 53, my hair had stopped growing for a year. My hair is now 2.5 inches longer. Nails are stronger and my nail ridges have disappeared in the new growth.

Those who claim that no evidence exists try to balance their beliefs on the fact that there are not many large research studies published that were performed by independent researchers. However, they negate all of the smaller studies that have been done and that have shown great results among less populated research groups. In addition, they focus on the lack of regulation in the supplement industry as proof of their disbelief. These concerns really have nothing to do with the research results that have already been discussed and even published. While there are certainly efficacy and safety problems with some supplement brands, which is why we only recommend safe, additive-free, and ethically sourced collagen supplements. Problems with certain manufacturers should not muddy the waters when considering the positive effects that many customers have experienced.

I have been using it for about 3 months almost daily and have noticed most improvement in my hair and skin quality - my hair is getting fuller and softer, and skin is smoother almost instantly after each use. 

Should You Start Taking Collagen to Boost the Quality of Your Hair?

Collagen is known to support hair strength and elasticity, which helps to prevent breakage and encourage growth. However, the human body is complex and there are many factors that can affect hair growth, including genetics, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, and stress.

While research on this subject remains in its infancy and is not conclusive in all aspects, you can safely rely not only on the research that has already been done but also on our customers’ feedback to prove that collagen supplementation could be what you need to improve the health, growth rate and thickness of your hair. Collagen is a completely safe supplement for most people and can be easily added to many snacks, meals and drinks with a minimum of fuss. Plus, many research studies have proven that it can improve the health of the skin and joints. With all of this information, you can rest easy, knowing that adding this supplement to your daily routine can boost your health in some way over the years.


Try Zen Principle Collagen Peptides to Improve Your Hair

Our Collagen formula is specifically created to help people maintain lush hair as they age. We source our collagen from:

  1. Wild caught cod in the North Atlantic (Marine Collagen)
  2. Grass fed and pasture raised cattle in Argentina and Brazil (Beef Collagen)


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