Beef Gelatin or Beef Collagen: Which One to Get?

If you have a debate stirring in your head on which one to get, let us help you get a quick lowdown in choosing your next jar of grass-fed collagen or grass-fed gelatin to supplement your nutritional needs.

What is Collagen and Why Should You Drink It?


Both collagen and gelatin are proteins that are made up of amino acids. They are both perfect for supplementing our body’s needed collagen levels since our body’s collagen production generally declines over time. Collagen plays a major role in giving our skin elasticity, strength and hydration - to slow down the process of aging and prevent our skin from bruising easily and developing wrinkles and fine lines. It's also great for joint health and recovery. Most importantly, collagen greatly helps in strengthening our arteries, because strong arteries influence a healthy blood flow in our system which ultimately helps in the distribution of needed nutrients to different parts of our bodies.

Since the amino chains found in Collagen are typically bigger for easy body absorption, hydrolyzation breaks down the collagen proteins into smaller amino acids to make it easier to absorb into our system.

Grass-fed Collagen

If you do not like the taste or sound of Marine Collagen, then beef collagen peptides, also known as beef collagen powder, is your next best option. Bovine Collagen or beef collagen comes from cowhides (skins), which have been treated to draw out the collagen protein through hydrolyzation. Taking collagen supplements increases our body’s collagen levels to help with our skin’s elasticity, firmness and youthful look.

Grass-fed Gelatin

Gelatin is obtained from the processed collagen when all the necessary parts of the animal have been removed, and only the skin, bones and tendons are left - with these, gelatin is made.

Collagen vs. Gelatin

The next time you restock on your supplements, keep these points in check because the very jar in your hand could spell the success of your next drink or creation whether flavored or unflavored:

Beef Collagen Powder

  • Mixes easily in hot or cold liquids (e.g. bone broth or smoothies)
  • Provides nutritional supplements for Keto diets, Bulletproof, Paleo, Primal, GAPS, Whole 30.
  • Grass-fed collagen rejuvenates skin, hair, nails, and joints naturally.
  • Aids in having a healthier metabolism, muscle development and helps burn more calories than fat.
  • When taken regularly and internally, Gelatin powder provides longer and more real benefits as it gets absorbed by our bodies over topical creams and lotions that only hold short-term results.
  • Collagen does not have the gelling quality like that of gelatin.

Beef Gelatin Powder

  • Mixes well in hot liquids
  • Grass-fed gelatin powder thickens when mixed with cold liquids or when cooled off
  • Ideal for baking or making desserts like Jello, marshmallows, ice cream,  panna cotta, yogurt, and even gummy snacks!
  • Use as a natural thickening agent for your favorite homemade soups, stews, casseroles, and sauces.
  • Can be used as a beauty treatment to add hair thickness or strength to skin and nails.
  • Helps in weight regulation (making you feel more full and satisfied after a meal with beef gelatin powder).


How Long Does It Take for Collagen Supplements to Work?

It may only take as little as 3-4 days to notice some skin improvement like a decrease in signs of skin aging. But on average, it can take at least 4 to 12 weeks to see significant results.

We hope this gave you a brief insight into getting a clearer comparison between the two collagen supplements that will help complement your dietary needs and routine. It may also help that you thoroughly mix your collagen powder a little at a time to ensure it dissolves and mixes well into your choice of food or drink, give or take at least 45 seconds of stirring or mixing.
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