The Ultimate Marine Collagen Peptides Guide

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, found in the skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. As we’ll see, it plays numerous key roles in promoting longevity and good health. However, as the body ages, not only does it produce less collagen, but existing collagen breaks down as well, which is why people turn to supplementing their diet with different types of collagen.

Collagen Sources

Collagen for use as a diet supplement is generally extracted from the following animals:

  • Fish - Marine collagen
  • Cows - Bovine collagen
  • Pigs - Porcine collagen

There are no plant-based collagen sources.

If you are following a particular eating plan, you will be pleased to know that Marine Collagen is suitable for followers of the keto diet. It is also paleo and pescetarian-friendly.

In this article, we’ll specifically take a deeper look into Marine Collagen and the benefits it offers.

What Is Marine Collagen?

Marine Collagen is a pure, hypoallergenic form of collagen peptides made from fish skins left over after food production, making it a source of Collagen that doesn’t put additional stress on ecosystems.

Although all collagen is composed of the same amino acids, marine collagen contains higher amounts of amino acids Proline and Glycine, compared to Porcine or Bovine-derived collagen.

Potential Benefits of Marine Collagen Peptides Powder

Including Marine Collagen supplements as part of your diet may improve your lifestyle in a variety of ways. Potential benefits of Marine Collagen include the following.

Stronger Hair and Nails

Collagen can help promote stronger, less brittle nails and hair. Since it is a substance that promotes the regeneration of healthy cells, it can help make hair and nails less prone to breakage, smoother, and healthier overall.

Healthier Skin

Studies show that Taking collagen supplements may help promote increased elasticity and moisture levels in skin.. Dehydrated skin can be more prone to wrinkles and damage.

Improved Wound Healing and Scar Reduction

If you have some scars that have not healed completely, collagen may help. As it is one of the skin's main components, collagen is necessary for the skin's regeneration after injuries such as scars, burns, or rashes.

Possible Reduction in Inflammation and Joint Pain

Our bones are cushioned by collagen's smooth, gel-like structure. For individuals with swollen, painful, or inflamed joints, collagen supplements may be beneficial.

Healthier Bones

Calcium gets all the credit for healthy bones, but collagen deserves some attention too. It helps keep our bones strong by supporting their structure as we age.

It May Boost Metabolism

Collagen supplements may also play a role in supporting metabolism by increasing the amount of lean muscle mass in the body.

A study found that individuals who supplemented with collagen peptides and participated in resistance training improved their body composition compared to a group who did not include collagen supplementation.

Marine collagen also helps increase satiety to help individuals feel full for longer -- an excellent tool if you are trying to lose weight. Early animal research suggests it may even help promote healthy blood sugar levels.

Healthy Arteries

Our arterial walls are made up of collagen. Taking collagen supplements may help our arteries carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, particularly the brain.

Antibacterial Effects

It has been shown in many studies that collagen may reduce the growth of disease and infection-causing bacteria.

How To Use Marine Collagen

Adding Marine Collagen to your diet is convenient and easy. We’ll go through just a couple of easy ways, but be sure to share your own recipes in the comments below.

Adding Marine Collagen to Smoothies:

  • To add marine collagen to a smoothie, simply blend until completely combined.

Adding Marine Collagen to Hot Drinks:

  • Add your desired amount of Marine Collagen powder to a dry cup, preferably one with a wide mouth.
  • Pour in the liquid you are using and mix thoroughly until combined.
  • Once dissolved, enjoy! If needed, letting it sit for about a minute will help any remaining marine collagen dissolve.

Adding Marine Collagen to Cold Drinks:

  • Mix the Marine Collagen into a room temperature liquid and repeat the steps above.
  • Add ice.

How to use Marine Collagen Powder

Finding High-Quality Marine Collagen

When searching for high-quality marine collagen, it is important to find one that meets the following criteria:

  • Soluble - the powder should be easily dissolved in liquids.
  • Pure - if the product contains any ingredients besides Marine Collagen, you need to research the quality of those additives as well
  • Safe - check with the manufacturer to ensure the marine collagen has been tested for radioactive isotopes and mercury levels
  • Hydrolyzed - the process of hydrolyzing marine collagen breaks it down to smaller molecules, making it easier to digest and absorb
  • Source - check where your marine collagen is sourced from - wild-caught whitefish being generally considered as highest quality source of Marine Collagen

Zen Principle Marine Collagen Peptides Powder is made only from fresh codfish, wild-caught in the deep pristine waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, and contains hydrolyzed Type I and III collagen. It provides a natural boost of essential amino acids such as Histidine, Threonine, and Leucine. Our Marine Collagen is a great alternative to collagen derived from cows, pigs or chickens that have sometimes been raised with GMO feed, antibiotics and hormones. It conveniently mixes into hot or cold drinks and, with no odor or taste, and combines perfectly with a variety of foods including smoothies, protein shakes, coffee, sauces, and soups.

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Created on: February 07, 2024
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Supriya,

We’ve sent you a replacement order with proper labeling to resolve the issue of missing expiration date.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for choosing us.

Created on: February 07, 2024

I ordered your product from amazon and received one that has no expiration date mentioned. I had previously ordered the same product and it had an expiration date. Even the lot number is same.

Created on: July 28, 2023
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Suzi,

New stocks of Marine Collagen Powder are currently still in production. We expect the new stocks to be available in 1-2 weeks.

Created on: July 25, 2023

I am unable to find the Wild caught Marine Colligan Peptide powder anywhere. Please can advise where I can purchase it. Is this product still available? I have been using it for years. I do not eat meat (fish ok)and trying to find this product or a replacement if not longer available.
Thank you

Created on: July 21, 2022
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Dane,

You can purchase our Marine Collagen Peptides Powder on our website.

Here’s the link to our product:

Created on: July 21, 2022

how to buy total cost

Created on: June 14, 2022
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the question.

Our Marine Collagen Powder consists primarily of collagen type I and a small amount of collagen type III. The percentage of type I and type III collagen may vary for each batch so the exact ratio has not been determined. What is certain is that it is predominantly Type I with trace amounts of Type III.

The type III collagen present in our marine collagen is not supplemented. These trace amounts of type III collagen are detected when we conduct our routine test for the product. No artificial ingredients or additives were used in the production of our marine collagen powder.

Created on: June 14, 2022

Your marine collagen boasts Type 1 & Type 3 collagens. All of the sites that I have visited say that marine collagen is high in type 1 but does not contain type 3. Are you supplementing the type 3? Is there a way for the consumer to see just how much of each type of collagen is present per scoop?

Created on: May 17, 2022
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Viktor,

The Marine Collagen powder should be good until the expiration date specified on the container. But you have to ensure that the product is properly stored.

To properly store an opened container of Marine Collagen Powder, make sure that the container is closed tightly. Make sure that you store it away from heat and moisture, freezing and excessive light. Placing it in a refrigerator can attract moisture so it is best to store it at room temperature, in a dry place.

I hope this helps.

Created on: May 17, 2022

how long can a bottle of marine collagen be used after it is opened?

Created on: January 19, 2022
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Bud F-F,

Thanks for the question.

Marine Collagen is unflavored and neutral, so you should be able to mix it into any liquid with little change to the original drink.

That said, everyone has a different palate, and some people may be more sensitive to the taste/smell. In those cases, we would recommend mixing it with a strong-flavored drink like coffee, or if mixing with tea or water, to add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

Hope this helps.

Created on: January 19, 2022
Bud F-F

What about taste? Definitely could not stand if it tasted at all or smells like fish!

Created on: May 10, 2021
Tanya at Zen Principle


Thanks for reaching out.

Our Marine Collagen has ZERO sugar.

In addition, it is made from wild-caught, non-GMO fish sources and are free from antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, or additives.

Thanks once again for reaching out.

Created on: May 10, 2021


Created on: March 04, 2021
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Jessica,

In terms of confirming the safety of our Marine Collagen Powder, we receive what is known as a “Certificate of Analysis” (COA) from our supplier. This confirms, via independent labs, that the product meets the standards and characteristics we report to our customers.

In addition, Our Marine Collagen Powder is also tested regularly for heavy metals, at multiple stages of the production process. The heavy metals that we test for include mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium.

I hope this helps.

Created on: March 04, 2021
Jessica Neuman

Hello, I wanted to know if your product has been Third party tested, or/and if has any certifications.

Thank you for your time💕

Created on: February 15, 2021
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Andrew May,

The molecular weight of our Marine Collagen Powder is about 3-5 kDa.

Created on: February 15, 2021
Andrew May

What is The molecular weight of your hydrolyzed

Created on: April 29, 2020
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Ellie,

Thank you for your question and for your interest in our product.

Our Marine Collagen is tested regularly for heavy metals, including mercury. All tests show extremely low levels of heavy metals and are well within the range considered safe for people. The tests include mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium. The tests are made by an independent third-party laboratory in the US.

Furthermore, our Marine Collagen Powder is made only from fresh codfish, wild-caught in the deep, pristine waters of the North Atlantic, with NO GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, plastic particles, preservatives, or additives.

I hope the above information helps.

Created on: April 27, 2020

Is your collagen tested for mercury, heavy metals, plastic, and other impurities by a third party lab within the USA? Thank you.