Skin Care with Moringa and Its Benefits

Those aiming to improve their healthy lifestyles should consider moringa powder, a unique botanical made from the Moringa oleifera tree that is native to India. Moringa may not be as widely known as some other botanicals that are highly sought after as antioxidants, skin enhancers or mood boosters these days. However, it is no less effective.

Also known as the drumstick tree or horseradish tree, the moringa tree produces leaves and pods that have been used for centuries in India as potent parts of traditional medicine. Today, the leaves of the tree are dried whole or powdered to be used for their rich vitamin and mineral content.

How Moringa Nourishes Your Skin

Thanks to its high content of vitamin C, vitamin B6, iron, riboflavin and other nutrients, moringa offers incredible benefits to the skin. While it is great for individuals of all ages, it is particularly well-loved by those noticing the beginning signs of aging on their skin.

Reduce damage to the skin from environmental pollutants and other stressors

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can damage the skin cells, eventually leading to fine lines and wrinkles along with sun spots and dry, leathery skin. However, it is not just the sun that damages the skin. Other environmental stressors, such as pollution and even certain chemicals from cheap skincare products, can harm the skin over the years.

Moringa protects the skin from the free radicals produced by these environmental stressors thanks to its antioxidant properties. Its high vitamin C content along with plenty of vitamins A and B negate the ill effects of the free radicals and keep the skin looking more youthful.

These same antioxidants can actually help the skin repair itself when it is injured by increasing collagen production and decreasing inflammation. You may think of inflammation as only occurring after you have scraped or cut your skin. However, inflammation can be found throughout your body when it is stressed. Skin may appear red or oily or could have poor texture or tone when inflamed. In some test-tube and animal-based studies, moringa has been shown to decrease inflammation in the skin and elsewhere.

The vitamin C in moringa powder has many benefits. While it calms down inflammation on the skin, it simultaneously boosts collagen production, which can eliminate some of those fine lines and wrinkles you may have noticed popping up around your eyes, nose and mouth as you age. Plus, vitamin C can stabilize the newly produced collagen, preventing it from breaking down over time and keeping your skin as firm as possible. In one study, moringa was shown to noticeably improve collagen levels and skin elasticity over a three-month period.

Moringa can decrease skin oiliness

Stressed skin often produces more oil as it tries to repair itself. However, when the skin is at a healthy level and is able to repair itself, this oil production will become more balanced. If you are still dealing with adult acne, adding moringa to your daily regimen could help you get a handle on this irritating and embarrassing problem.

Moringa can also hydrate drier skin. This may seem confusing after just learning that the same botanical quells oiliness. However, the vitamin B in moringa produces natural, non-greasy hydration by attracting water molecules to the outer surface of the skin.

Moringa may also be able to improve wound healing, helping everything from open acne sores to cuts heal faster, without scarring and without infections. Although this usage has only been studied in the laboratory, research points to real possibilities in this area. Plus, some research also shows that moringa has anti-bacterial properties that can fight against infections.

Using Moringa Powder for Healthy Skin

Moringa powder can be used topically or orally for great results on the skin. Of course, applying the powder directly on your skin is a great way to address the problem at its root. For this reason, you may want to add moringa powder to some of the skincare items that you already use.

You may instead want to mix up a simple moringa face mask using ingredients that you most likely already have on hand at home. To create a thick paste, mix an equal amount of lemon juice and moringa powder with twice as much honey and rose water. This can be used daily or as needed before applying your facial moisturizer.

To create an exfoliating and calming body scrub, combine moringa powder with oats that have been fully processed in a blender. Oatmeal is well-known for its skin-calming benefits. Add plenty of granulated sugar along with some hydrating coconut to scrub away dry skin from your arms and legs and to hydrate reddened or inflamed skin.

In addition, using moringa orally can provide a host of benefits. Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties can have huge effects on many body systems besides the skin while still enhancing your skin from the inside out. Moringa can easily be added to your morning smoothie for a quick boost of nutrients. Add it to a green smoothie made with banana, hemp seed and spinach leaves, and naturally sweeten your drink with pineapple and mango for a delicious tropical burst.

If you are ready to think outside the box, you can also add moringa to everything from your morning yogurt and oatmeal to your comforting evening soup. Be sure to add the moringa powder to a hot, liquid dish last so that it retains its nutritional properties as much as possible. Moringa blends well with flavors of ginger, citrus and avocado. You might even want to try blending it into a smooth latte with a bit of coconut milk for a creamy texture to your morning drink.

Where to Buy Quality Moringa Powder

Moringa may not be quite as easy to find as matcha or acai berry powders, but it is beginning to pop up in more places as increasing numbers of people are getting clued in to how powerful it is for skin health. As with anything you purchase for your body, you want to be very careful with the moringa powder that you choose, ensuring that it is not only safe but also effective. Be sure to look for a pure form that is organic and sourced from farms running on sustainable practices, such as Zen Principle's Organic Moringa Powder.

When you choose moringa grown on small organic farms, you can rest assured that it is more sustainably grown than moringa produced in huge industrial plants. Plus, organic growing techniques keep dangerous chemicals off the leaves of the moringa tree, ensuring that the purest and most powerful nutrients will be available for your skin.

You should also study the ingredient label on the packaging. Look for filler ingredients that could either be unsafe or that could be limiting the strength and effectiveness of the moringa. In addition, check for how the moringa powder is made. The leaves should be dried at low temperatures to preserve nutrient density.


While moringa has been used for hundreds of years to treat everything from chest congestion to anxiety, today it is also highly prized for its benefits to the skin. As an anti-inflammatory antioxidant with anti-bacterial properties, moringa can soothe the skin, reduce damage to the skin from the sun and a myriad of other environmental factors and hydrate your skin all year long. Whether you use moringa as a base to your skin care products or add it to your morning smoothie, you are sure to enjoy this all-natural botanical with centuries of history behind it.

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