Moringa Benefits for Women

If there is one herbal plant ladies need to take note of, it’s Moringa.

Commonly known as the “Miracle Tree,” Moringa (botanical name: Moringa oleifera) is prized for its health and beauty benefits that women can get behind. Think natural weight loss, youthful skin, lower odds of ovarian cancer, and better mental health, to name a few.

If you’re interested in learning about the full scope of Moringa benefits for women, keep scrolling to find out more.

1. May Enhance Breast Milk Supply

Post-pregnancy, many nursing mothers often struggle with the issue of low breast milk supply. But with Moringa, you may not have to worry about it anymore.

A systematic review and meta-analysis found that Moringa significantly hiked up breast milk production from day 4 onward compared to a placebo. Another small-scale study showed that breastfeeding mothers that consumed Moringa had higher levels of the lactation-promoting hormone known as prolactin. For that reason, the researchers recommended Moringa as a natural alternative for increasing a nursing mother’s breast milk supply.

That said, the scientific literature admits there are a few studies in which no differences were found between women that took Moringa and those that didn’t. As such, more studies are needed to confirm the effectiveness of Moringa benefits for women across the general population of breastfeeding mothers. In the meantime, though, it won’t hurt to give this herbal supplement a try if you wish to boost your own milk supply for your little one.

P.S. Our post on Moringa for breastfeeding gives you the full scoop on how to properly use the herb postpartum.

2. Promote Weight Loss

Every year, losing weight has probably been part of your New Year’s resolution, albeit with minimal to no success. But if you include Moringa in your diet, this may be the year you knock your weight loss program out of the park.

Compared to weight loss supplements that are mostly diuretic pills to shed off the excess water weight, Moringa encourages your body to produce enzymes that break down actual fats. The plant possesses bioactive compounds that stop fat production in its tracks. For instance, the flavonoid, quercetin, lowers triglyceride levels in fat-laden cells. Meanwhile, benzylamine slows down weight gain and cholesterol concentration.

To learn the exact mechanisms of action, read our in-depth post on “Moringa Powder for Weight Loss.” You’ll see why this herb provides a more effective and sustainable way of losing weight than water pills that will only put the pounds back on when you stop taking them.

3. Lower the Odds of Ovarian Cancer

A harrowing insight from the American Cancer Society warns that ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cause of cancer deaths among the fairer sex. In 2022, more than 19,000 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, while roughly “12,810 women will die” from it.

Sure, the rate of ovarian cancer diagnosis has slowly declined in the last two decades. But it’s also understandable to want to further lower your odds, which you may be able to do with Moringa.

Science suggests that one of Moringa’s benefits for women lies in its anticancer and antitumor abilities, thanks to two types of bioactives known as glucosinolates and isothiocyanates present in the herb’s leaves. Test tube studies confirmed that benzyl isothiocyanate (BITC) and phenethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC) effectively destroy ovarian cancer cells.

If you’re interested in adding Moringa leaves to your diet, check out Zen Principle’s Organic Moringa Leaf Powder that’s sustainably sourced from small organic farms in the Himalayan foothills.

4. Revitalize Skin Complexion

Moringa Benefits for Women - Skin

Ladies around the world are no stranger to skin woes like acne, hyperpigmentation, excess sebum, roughness, and wrinkles. If that sounds like you, introduce Moringa into your skincare routine.

For starters, the herbal plant is effective against skin breakouts. Research explains that people with acne tend to have “low levels of linoleic acid” in their sebum. Linoleic acid is a fatty acid that’s naturally present in your skin’s sebum. Given that Moringa has a significant concentration of linoleic acid (roughly 10%), topically applying it to the skin may help alleviate linoleic acid deficiency in acne-affected individuals.

Aside from battling pimples, another Moringa benefit for women extends to skin aging. In one study, participants applied a 3% Moringa-infused cream on one side of their face and a placebo cream on the other side. After three months, the Moringa cream significantly reduced skin roughness, scaliness, and the appearance of wrinkles. The end result was a smoother, younger-looking complexion. The researchers credited the miraculous improvements to the herb’s anti-aging phenolics and collagen-boosting antioxidants like vitamin A and vitamin B.

Last but not least, recent research based on mouse models discovered that Moringa seed oil may also hold up against anti-inflammatory skin conditions. The study showed that the herbal oil stops skin swelling, chronic skin inflammation, and epidermal hypertrophy (increased skin thickness). As such, the researchers recommended Moringa “as a topical anti-inflammatory agent in inflammatory skin diseases.”

5. Boost Hair Health

Another well-known Moringa benefit for women would be its prowess in boosting hair health.

From a nutritional standpoint, Moringa seed oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that help facilitate “nutrient delivery to the hair follicles.” The follicles are primarily responsible for growing strong, healthy fibers and shedding the old ones. So, if you want to maximize your hair health, take care of your follicles with Moringa.

For the proverbial cherry on top, the plant goes one step further in helping your locks look and feel their best. Documented evidence of Moringa seed oil shows that it helps:

  • Moisturize the scalp,
  • Strengthen the hair strands,
  • Keep dandruff at bay, and
  • Prevent split ends

Best of all, the oil doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue that will weigh down your hair.

6. Improve Mental Health

In traditional folklore, Moringa is lauded for its ability to renew the human body mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

According to a book on Indian medicinal plants, Moringa leaves supposedly “restore self-confidence and address indecisiveness.” Its roots “enhance feelings of serenity and balance” while keeping you centered amidst changes and uncertainty. Meanwhile, its seeds are used to tackle depression by overcoming “feelings of hopelessness” and may “renew the spirit and reinvigorate the body, as well as the mind and emotions.”

For scientific proof, recent research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology revealed that Moringa leaf extract “is potentially an effective stress reliever.” Using chronically stressed zebrafish as the test subjects, the researchers found that Moringa’s stress-relieving mechanism of action consists of “regulating pathways that are involved in the metabolism of purine, glutathione, arginine and proline, D-glutamine, and D-glutamate.”

Another 2020 study also confirms the anxiety-reducing effect of Moringa leaves in mouse models. The study’s researchers credit it to the plant’s bioactives — think flavonoids, saponins, tannin, and phenols.

Depression may also have met its match with Moringa. When researchers administered 200 milligrams of Moringa leaves with 10 milligrams of the antidepressant drug fluoxetine, they discovered that this combination produced the highest antidepressant activity in mice models. Given that Moringa is anti-inflammatory in nature, the researchers hypothesized that the herb reduced inflammation-based stress indirectly causing depression.

While more studies are needed to confirm the herb’s efficacy in humans, these findings paint a promising picture regarding Moringa’s benefits for women’s mental health.

7. Enhance Digestive Health

Did you know that women are more predisposed to digestive issues than men? You can blame your gastrointestinal ailments on the more “sluggish” digestive system associated with the fair sex.

No matter the actual cause, gut dysbiosis (an unbalanced gut microbiota) is the commonality among most digestive problems. It’s been traced to various digestive and non-digestive health issues. This includes inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, central nervous system disorders, and even cancer.

Fret not, as science shows that Moringa can help you with your gut problems.

One study showed that 200 milligrams of Moringa leaf extract improved gut dysbiosis in mice with poor digestive health. The researchers noted increased levels of beneficial gut bacteria, Bifidobacteria, with the added bonus of lower weight gain compared to the placebo group.

Even if you don’t have any underlying gastrointestinal condition, Moringa’s high fiber content of 6.0-9.6% translates to more efficient digestion and lower odds of constipation. This helps to maintain optimal gut health and healthy bowel movements.

Take Advantage of Moringa Benefits for Women With Zen Principle

Zen Principle Moringa Benefits for Women

Aside from the abovementioned Moringa benefits for women, the herbal plant is also scientifically proven to help with diabetes, cardiovascular function, thyroid health, liver protection, and brain function. For more information, check out our in-depth guide on Moringa Powder Benefits.

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