Unflavored Protein Powder: 6 Reasons to go Flavorless

Protein powders are very versatile when it comes to their benefits and uses. You can use protein powders to lose weight, build muscle mass, boost energy and performance, and improve your overall health. But how do you choose which protein powder is good for you? Do you pick the one that comes in your favorite strawberry flavor or go with a flavorless one that you can use while cooking as well? 

The debate of flavored vs. unflavored protein powder is not a new one and with the sheer variety of protein powders available in the market today, picking the right one has become an even more daunting task. Here are 6 reasons why choosing an unflavored protein powder is the right way to go.

No Artificial Ingredients

Let’s start with the fundamental reason why unflavored protein powders are better; they don’t have any added sweeteners, colors, or flavors. Sure flavored protein powders come in a number of exciting colors and flavors (you can even find ones that taste just like cheesecake!). But have you ever wondered what is added to the powder to make it taste and look like so?

The artificial additives in flavored protein powders don’t really add anything to the supplement in terms of health benefits. In fact, some of these additives are downright dangerous. So why take the risk? 

More Protein, Less Fluff

For every additive added to a protein powder, the concentration of protein is reduced. This means that you are actually getting less protein when using flavored protein powders. 


With flavored protein powders you are stuck with the flavor you buy. There’s only so much you can do with one flavor, even if it is something universally liked like vanilla (ever heard of vanilla soup?) 

Unflavored protein powders can be used any way you like. They are perfect for protein smoothies and you can also add them to soups and gravies to thicken them and add a punch of protein. Protein powders can also be added to baked goods since they have excellent moisture retaining qualities. You can also add them to your coffees and teas to make them more nutritious without changing the flavor. 

You Control the Sugar

One of the main concerns consumers have while buying any kind of dietary supplement is the amount of sugar added in it. Even if flavored protein powders don’t have actual sugar in them, most have Stevia or other sucrose based additives to make them sweeter. 

Here’s the catch though, a lot of people don’t like the taste of Stevia or other artificial sweeteners. Even if you can stand the taste, you still have no control over the level of sweetness. 

Unflavored protein powders, on the other hand, don’t have any additional sugar in them so you have the freedom to make your drinks and food as sweet or unsweet as you want. Take the Zen Principle Organic Brown Rice Protein Powder for example. This protein powder is packed with BCAAs and has no sugar, gluten, soy, or dairy additives in it. You can add it into your drinks, baked goods, and other cooked items without worrying about any kind of sweet flavor coming through.

Less Expensive

Flavored protein powders have to go through an additional phase of blending to make sure the artificial additives like color and flavor are mixed in with the powder. This makes them more costly to manufacture. So when you end up paying more for a flavored powder, you’re actually paying for the fluff, not the protein.

Unflavored protein powders are cheaper to manufacture and hence cost less than flavored powders. Since protein powders aren’t cheap, why pay extra for ingredients that aren’t going to help you achieve your health goals? 

Unflavored Doesn’t Mean Flavorless

The main attraction of any flavored protein powder is, of course, the flavor. However, unflavored protein powders are not completely flavorless either, just like water isn’t completely without flavor. Some unflavored protein powders have a slight flavor, for example pea based protein powders have a slight savory taste while rice based powders taste mildly sweet. This means you can still get some flavor in your drinks and food without having to add any other ingredient.

On the flip side, if you don’t want any kind of flavor in your drinks at all, you can easily mask the slight flavor in these powders by using nut butters, fruits, cacao, or herbs. 

The Takeaway

Unflavored protein powders are better for losing weight, building healthy muscle, and leading a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. Since they are made using one or two main ingredients, you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. Plus no additional flavor means you can get creative with your recipes and add a punch of protein to each meal without worrying about spoiling the taste of your dishes.

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