Beef Liver Capsules FAQ

Where are the cows raised?

We source only from healthy cows, born, raised and grass-fed on the pastures of Argentina. 

The product is then packaged in a USA facility, GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure safety and consistent quality. Tested rigorously and shipped quickly for best freshness. 

Is the beef 100% grass-fed?

Yes, the product is 100% grass-fed.

Is the beef liver taken from antibiotic-free cows?

We source only from healthy cows. NO GMO's, Pesticides, Fertilizers, Antibiotics and Hormones. Free of BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy).

Do you have any documents confirming that your product is GMO-free and hormone-free? 

In terms of confirming the product is free of GMO's and hormones and that the pasture grasses don't have pesticides, etc., we receive what's known as a "Certificate of Analysis" (COA) from the suppliers of the liver. This confirms, via independent labs, that the product meets the standards and characteristics we report to customers, including testing for any microbiological or other contaminants. We also package the product in the US to ensure safety and consistent quality. We test the product again once packaged, to be sure nothing went wrong during the production process.

Does the gelatin contain any pork?

The gelatin capsule is made from beef and doesn't contain any pork. 

How is this liver dried?

Our beef liver capsules are vacuum dried at lower temperatures to ensure maximum nutrient retention and safety.

What is the equivalent (in ounces) of raw liver in each capsule?

1 capsule of 750 mg is equivalent to roughly 1/4 ounce of fresh liver. So, a full day's serving of 4 capsules is equivalent to about 1 ounce of fresh liver.

What is the Protein content of these capsules? Why are the values not listed on the bottle?

We don't put that information on the label because there can be slight variances between capsules and individual bottles, and therefore we can't guarantee that a specific measurement will be correct in every case. Our beef liver capsules average between 70%-75% protein by weight. This equates to about 500-550 mg. of protein per capsule

Does it contain caffeine?

No, our product doesn't contain caffeine. 

Is this liver raw?

We use undefatted desiccated beef liver. Following strict laws in Argentina, the cows were grass-fed and humanely pasture-raised on lush grasses free of GMO's. They were also never given hormones.

We also use the whole liver, including the nutrient-rich outer fat layer to ensure you get the most benefit from our product.

What does it mean that the product is “Desiccated”?

Basically ‘desiccated’ just means dried or dehydrated. So, Desiccated Liver powder is exactly what it sounds like – beef liver that has been dried into a powder.

Desiccated liver is whole beef liver concentrated by vacuum drying at a low temperature. This concentration preserves all of the nutrients and this makes desiccated liver the equivalent of four times as much as the whole liver.

Is there any Arsenic in Beef Liver?

Within the testing community, Arsenic is considered a heavy metal and is something we always include in our heavy metal testing profile.

There are two general types of arsenic found in natural settings: organic and inorganic. The inorganic forms of arsenic are the kind that can be harmful, while the organic forms of arsenic are essentially harmless and common in many natural environments.

Testing of our Beef Liver Capsules has never discovered either of the two forms of arsenic within detectable levels. It is safe to say that our products are 100% arsenic free.

What are the Nutrition Facts of Zen Principle Beef Liver Capsules?

We don't put this information on the label because there can be slight variances between capsules and individual bottles, and therefore we can't guarantee that a specific measurement will be correct for in every case. But we can provide average values listed below.

Each daily serving of 4 capsules (3 grams) has:

  • 70-75% protein by weight. This equates to about 500-550 mg of protein per capsule.
  • 2.5-3.0 mg of Iron
  • Approximately 1,000 IU of naturally occurring Vitamin A
  • 5-6 μg of naturally occurring Vitamin B12


Are Beef Liver Capsules Kosher?

Our Beef Liver capsules are not yet certified Kosher.

Is there any fermentation or yeast in your Beef Liver Capsules?

There is no fermentation of yeast in our desiccated beef liver. The main ingredient is the undefatted beef liver and other ingredients: gelatin (capsule, bovine).