Moringa Capsules FAQ

What size are the capsules?

The capsule size is “0” and each capsule contains 450 mg of Moringa.

Where is the Moringa grown?

Our Moringa is from India, where Moringa originates. We source only from small organic farms. It’s made in the USA in a GMP-compliant (Good Manufacturing Practices) and organic-certified facility.

Why is there no USDA Organic Symbol and USDA Organic Statement on the package?

While the Moringa in every capsule we sell is 100% certified USDA Organic Moringa, the reason we no longer state on the bottle that the entire product is certified USDA organic is because we very recently were informed by our supplier of vegetarian capsules used in this product that they have not yet received their annual organic certification for 2019. 

The capsules meet all the requirements to be certified and should receive this certification shortly. But until they have the official certification, we will not use the USDA seal on our bottles. We’d be happy to post on our site when our veggie capsule supplier gets their certification and we again offer bottles with the USDA seal on it.