How To Strengthen Nails Naturally With Collagen

You’ve just had your manicure done, only to find the tip of your ring finger chipped by evening. The slight imperfection is enough to ruin the picture of otherwise flawless-looking nails. 

If that sounds like you, then you need to read this post on how to strengthen your nails naturally from the inside out with collagen.

Sure, many nail technicians often tout the benefits of applying nail strengtheners and cuticle oils. But if these steps aren’t enough to stop brittle nails from rearing their ugly head, you may wish to consider collagen supplements. 

Today you’ll learn why collagen is the superstar ingredient for stronger, healthier-looking nails and how to incorporate it into your daily routine.

What Makes Nails Healthy?

Reading the words “healthy nails” immediately conjures up an image of smooth, polished fingernails that don’t chip easily, and are free of discolorations and ridges. 

You can credit good nail health to an important protein called keratin. Just like how hair is made up of keratin, so are your nails. 

Epidermal keratinocytes — a type of skin cell — divide beneath the skin surface to produce keratin, the structural protein that bestows strength on your fingernails and toenails. 

With that line of thought, it makes sense to maintain and even boost your body’s keratin-producing ability to keep up the appearance of strong fingernails with collagen supplements.

How To Strengthen Nails With Collagen

How to strengthen nails with Collagen

Collagen supplements are some of the most popular dietary supplements. Besides alleviating joint pain and boosting hair growth, clinical and anecdotal evidence indicates collagen benefits nail strength and growth. 

Clinical Evidence 

For scientific proof of how collagen supplements help strengthen nails naturally, we looked toward a 28-week-long clinical trial conducted in 2017 with 25 healthy women aged between 18 and 50 years old. 

Take note that before the study, all the participants struggled with some form of brittle nails, including: 

  • Peeling at the nail’s edge 
  • Grooves or pits along the nail surface 
  • Irregularities along the nail’s edge 

Throughout the experiment (about six months), the test subjects consumed 2.5 grams of bioactive collagen peptides every day.

In just 12 weeks of collagen supplementation, participants witnessed a 10% improvement in nail growth rate that jumped to 15% four weeks after the study ended. Most importantly, there was a “significant decrease in the frequency of broken nails.” 

So, how did this miracle happen? The study’s researchers explained that: 

  • When you ingest collagen peptides, your body absorbs them “in the form of small collagen peptides and free amino acids.” 
  • The collagen peptides spur metabolism in the dermal and epidermal layers, where the keratin-producing skin cells reside. 
  • Meanwhile, the free amino acids help to create the dermal extracellular matrix proteins and the epidermal structure, which contributes to nail growth.

Using research findings from other clinical trials, collagen supplementation may enhance protein synthesis, which plays a vital role in maintaining nail strength. In particular, scientists see increased moisture content in brittle nails after collagen supplementation that can be credited for long-lasting nail improvements, even after the experiment. 

Anecdotal Evidence 

Aside from the scientific literature, multiple real-life testimonials confirm the nail-strengthening effects of collagen supplements. 

Case in point: Countless customer reviews raved about the effectiveness of Zen Principle Marine Collagen Peptides Powder

“I have been using this for several years and have noticed a great improvement in my skin, hair and nails. I am over 60 and at that age your body just seems to stop producing such things. But adding this collagen has really helped.” – Suzanne 

I have been taking this product for the past 4 months, and I have noticed that my skin looks younger and healthier, I have new hair growth, harder nails and I had a cut in my right hand that healed “super” fast. Impressive. I have recommended this collagen to dozens of friends and they all are very happy with the results.” – Gabie

I have been using this product for 2 years now. I have noticed an improvement in my hair, nails and joints. I am post menopausal and my hair was thinning, my nails were brittle and my joints started to feel stiffer. I use this every morning in my tea. It is tasteless and odorless. It is now an integral part of my wellness routine.” – Theresa M. Hood 

I just ordered my 2nd jar, and I am very pleased with the progress I've had with just the 1st jar's use. This is the first collagen product I've tried. My hair is thicker and softer already & I'm excited to see what further use will do! My nails are also thicker and they have less breakage/peeling.” – Yvonne Swan 

Similarly, our Beef Collagen Peptides Powder has also garnered quite a fan base: 

This product has the best price per ounce of all of the collagen powders. We have been using it for a year and the results are consistent. Joint pain reduced, hair and nails strengthened.” – Stephen H. Jenkins

Amazing! My hair is growing back. You have to take it for a couple of months if you have severe hair loss and you want to see results. Be patient. My skin is more supple, nails are stronger and it fills me up when I need a quick fix.” – Amelie 

I am in my 60's and have been using collagen peptide powder for a few years. Seriously, I wished I had started using it earlier. I feel it enhances my diet. My hair feels thicker, my face is unlined and soft, my nails grow long and strong, my skin is more supple.” – Ellie 

My nails and hair are much stronger for taking collagen. And this product has the two types our bodies need the most. Will definitely order again.” – Mary Ann 

Using this for 2 months now. I love this collagen because it is a very fine powder and has no taste at all, also I see big improvement in my nails and hair!!!! So far so good.” – Licet I. 

It’s time to witness these benefits for yourself. Check out Zen Principle’s full range of collagen supplements for stronger, healthier-looking nails. 

Other Ways to Naturally Strengthen Nails — It’s All About Your Lifestyle

How to strengthen nails naturally

Besides adding collagen supplements to your diet, positive tweaks to your lifestyle may help to cut down on the peeling and breakage. Here are a few more ways to strengthen your nails naturally: 

  • Stop biting your nails: It may seem easier said than done for some, but it’s definitely possible with time and effort. Keep your nails short, so there’s no temptation to nibble on them. If nail-biting is due to emotions like stress, anxiety, and boredom, identify your triggers to reduce the likelihood of falling back on your old habit.
  • Nourish your nails: For all-rounded nail health, keep on with the cuticle oils and nail strengtheners — if you haven’t tried these, it’s high time to do so! 
  • Give your nails a break: Gel manicures and pedicures look great, but they can be extremely taxing on your fingernails and toenails. Not only do they weaken your nails, but the UV light used during these sessions also puts you at a higher risk of unwanted skin aging and skin cancer
  • Stay away from harsh chemicals: If you can’t live without beautifying your nails every now and then, be sure to choose clean products like 10-free nail polish formulas. Also, when washing the dishes or doing laundry, take care to wear rubber gloves to minimize contact with cleaning detergents and liquids. 
  • Make time for maintenance: Regularly trim your fingernails and toenails every 1-2 weeks. To tone down the breakage, keep your nails short and neat. If possible, ditch the polishes and nail art, and keep it natural. 

Make Stronger, Healthier Nails Your Reality

Following the tips above may mean you’re less likely to lament about another split nail.

For starters, give collagen supplements a shot. After all, they are backed by scientific evidence and real-life reviews from people of all ages. Plus, collagen powder is relatively easy to include in your everyday diet compared to brewing bone broths and cooking up a storm. 

Supplement these dietary additions with simple lifestyle changes in the name of healthier nails. Whether it’s making a conscious effort to stop biting your nails or creating reminders in your smartphone for regular nail maintenance, it's well worth the effort. 

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Created on: February 08, 2023
Tanya at Zen Principle

Hi Claire,

Our collagen products are designed as a supplement to ensure that our bodies get the necessary building blocks for collagen production.

Getting adequate collagen will, in turn, help in maintaining organs made up of collagen healthy.

There are several conditions that could result to brittle nails. We suggest consulting with your doctor to check the root cause.

Created on: February 06, 2023

Took this product for a year….absolutely no change in brittle pealing nails???