Rejuvenate your Skin with Collagen and Activated Charcoal Powder

Do you want to keep your skin looking young, healthy, and beautiful or to restore your former glow without the use of expensive and potentially risky treatments?

If so, read on and learn how collagen peptides and activated charcoal can benefit your skin. We’ll also show several ways to use them that that are both easy and effective.

Fun fact: these natural compounds are known to remove wrinkles, hydrate, and smoothen your skin, while improving its elasticity.

What is Collagen and Collagen Powder?

Collagen Powder Skin Care

Collagen is a protein produced naturally in the body and comprises nearly 80% of the skin’s dermis or middle layer.

It functions like the body’s own glue that holds it together. It can be found in the connective tissue of your muscles, bones, joints, hair, and skin among others. It is also responsible for keeping your skin firm, healthy, and elastic.

There are at least 28 different types of collagen in existence, each beneficial for a particular set of body parts and systems. One of the most predominant types is Type 1 Collagen which is beneficial for the skin, hair and nails. You can learn more about the various types of collagen in this article.

As you get older, your body starts producing less collagen, breaking it down at a faster rate than the body can replace. Other factors that can affect its production include stress, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and ultraviolet rays that break down its fibers before the body can even put it to use. 

This decline in the body’s collagen production can lead to saggy skin, the appearance of wrinkles, and weaker bones.

This is where collagen powder comes in.

Collagen powder, sometimes referred to as hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptide, is a man-made collagen formulation sourced from beef (grass-fed is best) or from wild-caught fish. Collagen powder acts as a supplement that can give you the same benefits that natural collagen does.

What is Activated Charcoal Powder?

Activated Charcoal Powder Skin Care

Unlike collagen, activated charcoal is not produced in the body. Rather, it is made by processing carbon into its active powder form that will help trap and flush out toxins in the body. While the human body does not metabolize, absorb or adsorb (draw out) activated charcoal, it can be used to draw out many unwanted elements from the skin, including:

  • Dirt
  • Oils
  • Bacteria
  • Chemicals

Activated charcoal can also draw out other harmful micro-particles like DDT, strychnine, and lead acetate. It also adsorbs inorganic substances like mercury, chlorine, and lead as well as certain drugs like iodine, cocaine, penicillin, phenobarbital, and aspirin. In addition, it can draw out up to thousands of times its weight in heavy metals, poisons, gasses, and other harmful chemicals. As such, even hospitals and physicians routinely incorporate activated charcoal into their treatment plans.

Natural ACP is most often produced from coconut husks and shells, and other nut shells. Learn more about sources of ACP here.

Benefits of Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder and ACP for Skin Care

Using either hydrolyzed collagen powder or ACP alone can be a powerful part of any skincare regimen, especially as you get older. But, using both powders together can compound the benefits. Read more below about the individual skincare benefits of each.

Skin Care Benefits of Hydrolyzed Collagen Powder

By supplementing your body’s own natural production of collagen, you can improve your skin’s elasticity, help hydrate it, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This can also increase the density of your body’s fibroblasts which is the connective tissue cells responsible for producing more collagen.

Numerous scientific studies have verified the properties of hydrolyzed collagen powder to produce these results. This is reported in an overview of research published in a 2015 issue of The Open Nutraceuticals Journal.

A pair of other studies reported in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology have found that after just 8 weeks of hydrolyzed collagen peptide supplementation, the skin’s barrier function, which helps it hold-in moisture, has dramatically improved. At the same time, the body is able to produce more of its own collagen. They also discovered that collagen powder supplementation can help thicken the skin and diminish sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines.

Hydrolyzed collagen peptide powder boosts the body’s own stores of natural, usable collagen. Through the process of hydrolysis, the amino acids found in collagen are broken down into smaller particles so that the body can easily absorb them. 

Skin Care Benefits of Activated Charcoal Powder

The unique properties of activated charcoal that allows it to draw out toxins and other unwanted elements serve multiple systems of the body at once, including the skin. By freeing the skin of harmful substances, activated charcoal helps the body’s largest organ to function more smoothly and healthfully.

Rather than expending energy attacking invading substances, the skin cells can focus on applying themselves to keeping the skin hydrated, elastic, smooth, thick, healthy, and glowing.

ACP helps cleanse and clarify the skin. It can help clear acne and remove dirt from pores. ACP can even promote healing of wounds and eliminate related odors. Among the skin related problems and conditions for which ACP is commonly used include:

  • Pimples and acne
  • Clogged pores
  • Oily skin and excess sebum
  • Breakouts
  • Whiteheads and blackheads

In general, ACP can be used for deep-cleaning and detoxifying the skin.

Some Simple Ways to Get Started Using Collagen and Activated Charcoal Powder

There are many ways to incorporate collagen and ACP into your diet which are as delicious as they are nourishing. Here are just a few to get you started.

Collagen Smoothie Recipe Skin Care

Collagen Smoothies

A collagen smoothie is a great way to enjoy the benefits of collagen at any time of the day. There is no end to the types of flavors of tasty smoothies you can make with collagen. The following is a list of basic collagen smoothie recipes that include recommendations for mixers to make several delicious and nutritious varieties based on your personal liking.

Combine a tablespoon of collagen powder and a tablespoon of either coconut concentrate, royal jelly, two tablespoons of avocado or coconut oil with your choice of mixers. A couple of options to get you started include:

  • Green Berry Collagen Smoothie - a banana, a half-cup of frozen berries, and a cup of spinach
  • Wrinkle-Smoothing Collagen Smoothie - a handful each of spinach, kale, and your choice of berries. Mix it with a half-cup each of ginger root and squeezed lemon, and a scoop of bee pollen.
  • Cold and Flu Recovery Collagen Smoothie - a banana, a quarter-cup of cubed, cooked sweet potato, and a few tablespoons of mashed sweet potato mixed with a cup of papaya or mango (frozen or fresh, to your preference).

Now, mix in between a quarter-cup and a cup of water in order to get all the ingredients to blend smoothly. If the result is too thin or warm, then add ice as necessary to make it cold and thick enough to suit your taste. As an alternative to water, you can use coconut water, almond milk or any other alternative milk.

Collagen Coffee Drinks

Putting collagen in your coffee is another great way to reap the benefits of collagen. Plus, you get to enjoy the creamy texture it adds to a warm, textured drink like coffee. As with the smoothie suggestions above, all of these drinks start with a basic foundation. In this case: coffee and collagen (usually one to two tablespoons or scoops, to your preference). From there, here are a few ways to spruce up the flavor even further:

  • Collagen Keto Coffee - a tablespoon of butter and a teaspoon of medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil.
  • Almond Milk Collagen Coffee - a teaspoon of butter, a quarter-teaspoon of cinnamon, and two tablespoons of almond milk (or your choice of other nut, seed or milk alternative).
  • C Butter Collagen Coffee - a teaspoon of butter and a quarter-teaspoon of coconut oil.

Simply add the ingredients desired to make your choice of coffee beverage, and blend in a blender until combined.

ACP Face Mask

Enjoy the benefits of ACP for your skin by making your own ACP face mask.

Simply combine one-and-a-half teaspoons each of ACP and water until smooth. Apply either a small bit of water or oil to your face, then apply the ACP mask mixture, and smooth into a thin layer. After 10 to 30 minutes, use warm water to rinse it off.

Afterward, you can moisturize if you wish with a small bit of almond or coconut oil.

Final Thoughts

Although aging is a natural and inevitable process that the body goes through, that is not an excuse to neglect one’s health. There are endless ways to stay healthy, feel beautiful, and stay youthful; it’s just a matter of choosing the right food and supplements that will suit your needs.

If the benefits of ACP and collagen powder are what you’re aiming for, then go get yourself a collagen smoothie or make an ACP face mask during your spare time. You might not be able to stop aging, but with ACP and collagen powder, at least you’ll age gracefully, while avoiding potentially dangerous synthetic facial treatments.

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